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     I am so glad I hired the cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Services South Kensington. I love coming home to a clean place, and knowing I don't have to do anything after work.
Fatima Newman19/05/2020
     Fantastic service! Absolutely love this office cleaning team!
Tawnya N.19/09/2019
     I was nervous about trying rug cleaning. My rug was beautiful and rather expensive. I didn't want to risk making the matter worse by using improper techniques. So, I sought the help of a professional company. I did my research and SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners were the right company for me. When their team came around and got to work, it wasn't long before my rug had been restored to its previous condition. They worked their magic and it was a pleasure to witness.
J. Worthington08/02/2019
     I am a professional cook and this means that sometimes, I turn my own kitchen into a laboratory for experiments. This almost always ends up with great dishes and a huge mess. Every time that happens, I make sure to call in my cleaner from SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners and she is absolutely amazing every time!
Eve G.17/03/2015
     Very happy with SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners. After trying to get our office clean for a long while, we were finding that it was just interfering with the work a little bit too much. Luckily, their help has meant that we've been able to stay focused and, if anything, we're that little bit more efficient now. We just don't have to worry about the cleanliness anymore. A big help to us all, will certainly be using for a long time, I'm sure.
Katie M.07/01/2015
     Thanks SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners for turning up on time, cleaning my home with the dogs running about and doing everything in the quickest and most professional way! I like to think that the place is normally in good condition, but after looking at how the laminate flooring looks now, I'm certainly impressed. After the first cleaning session a few weeks back you continue to send around polite and hard working individuals. The work you guys have done has improved the atmosphere no end and I thank you a great deal! And what I thought would be more costly is quite reasonable indeed!
Jacques Y.23/10/2014
     When it comes to cleaning, I would hardly say I was skilled. In fact, I'd say that I'm a bit of klutz to be honest! It's a good thing that professional cleaning services exist then, and the finest one I've come across is SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners! They were affordable, simple to hire and didn't judge me based on the current state of my home. They were completely professional and thorough - no corner was left untouched by the end of it! I was expecting a decent service, but what I got turned out to be a life saver! A brilliant service!
     You can always be sure that you are getting an excellent service from SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners. They really do ensure that all is well in terms of getting the best from a cleaning service. I tend to find that you can't really beat a decent cleaning job done well, but in the case of SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners they give an amazing price for the job as well. In all honesty, there is little more that I could ask for from such a company, it is exactly what I need as a busy home owner who needs some help with the cleaning!
Harry R.31/07/2014
     Working in the City can be a drain. Hours are long, the commute never gets easier and the pressure can be intense, so when you finally put the key through the front door on a weekend and on an evening you want to be able to relax. You don't want to have to dust the skirting boards or wipe the tables. Since hiring SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners a few months back these worries haven't even entered my head; they take care of everything for me. They have a key to my flat and go about their business at some point every Friday while I am at work. Ideal, and the clean is always superb.
Benny Joseph30/01/2014
     Carpet cleaning is something that can be quite difficult to do at home. I always find that I have to shampoo the carpet over and over again to get it looking good, and sometimes it comes out all sticky anyway! SouthKensingtonCarpetCleaners came round recently and sorted out the carpets for us, and they did a fantastic job! I have never had the carpets professionally cleaned before, and the difference was amazing, the colors brightened up a lot, so there must have been a fair amount of dirt in there! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs their carpets, or anything else for that matter, cleaned!
Dorothy S.07/01/2014

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